Mercado Little Spain 2024 |


From the 05th to the 12th of March with Olives From Spain at the Little Spain Market! 

We have been able to be for more than a week in the most famous Spanish market in the United States, the Little Spain Market in New York.

Our super two Olives Bar with our super hostesses have been able to give to taste to all the Newyorkers the authentic Spanish Olives from Europe. Our famous Queen Olives have triumphed during this week at the market, without forgetting our delicious Black Olives or our Olives Stuffed with Pepper, all of them a delight for the palate.

In addition, all the people who went to the market during our promotion days were able to take away our sustainable shopping bags, our glasses to have a healthy snack of European Olives or our sustainable notebooks to never forget the recipes with olives!.