• New consumer trends and life philosophies, linked to what we eat, and how we eat it.
    • The importance that today’s consumers give to the origin of products.
      The general public’s interest in probiotics, the so-called «superfoods» and organic ingredients.
    • The commitment to food with a healthy plus.
    • Concern for the environmental impact of everything we consume.
    • The relevance of consuming local and seasonal products.
    • To give more and more weight in our diet to products that are plant based, and vegan
    • To look for and know the healthy properties of foods, and to choose the least processed ones.
    • To practice #realfooding. The #slowfood
    • To consume those products that respect the rights of workers, and also the rules of fair trade.

        All this, and much more, we are going to tell through the OLIVE TABLES.

        8 “Tables”, in which there will be much more than just recipes with olives.

        We want to discover a new way of eating, in line with the new values.

        For this reason, we will put on the «Olive Tables«, topics as important as the previous ones, which on the one hand, are closely linked with our olives, because they are a vegetable product, source of healthy properties

        And on the other, with Europe, since the European Production Model is synonymous with traceability, maximum food safety, quality, sustainability… and also with working environments with the maximum guarantees for workers.

        All of them, fundamental aspects for today’s consumers, and sought after and demanded in products, when making a purchase, and preparing our day-to-day recipes.